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Remarkable Herbs Vendor Review



Remarkable Herbs is a vendor or a store who deals in all the kinds of herbs which can be used by humans. They are a USA based vendor who is specialist in Ethnobotany to know all about the quality herbs they provide. They deal in fresh herbs, seeds, bark, root, extracts and smoking blends. They are best at providing Kratom at a bigger level since 2001, which is a long period. They serve about 15000 stores of their quality kratom.


Why to choose them?

As mentioned above; they are the best kratom vendors on the biggest commercial levels. They pick fresh stock from the harvesters, and they have the fresh Kratom along with finest quality and affordable lowest price. 

Also Remarkable herbs Kratom is sterilized and follows all the rules of safety and protection.

All the products are labelled correctly according to all the states and their rules too. All the packaging is done in the USA and is GMP approved.

Remarkable herbs get their kratom products tested and they are also batch blended. Batch blending is a process of checking the consistency of alkaloids in Kratom batch to batch. They are the oldest brand in kratom, also a reliable one. The packaging is attractive with an addition of resealing to stay fresh longer.


Which Kratom strains they provide?

Remarkable herbs are limited in strain variety because they say that quality and consistency matters not quantity.  They also claim that 80% of alkaloids are the same which are used in different strains, so basically alkaloid content is more important than profile.

  • Green vein maeng da
  • Red vein maeng da
  • Green vein indo
  • Green vein vietnam
  • Red vein bali
  • Green vein malay
  • Green vein thai

Price and packaging

Remarkable Herbs provide kratom only in powder form, they feel that Kratom is only best in powder form. The vendor gives four servings such as; 1oz, 3oz, 8oz, 20oz.

The price range estimated is from $6.99 to $85.99.

The packaging is also attractive and also resealable to maintain freshness every time you use. Also they have mentioned all the alkaloids with potency to make things easy for their customers.  

Why is their kratom sterilized?

According to the FDA most Kratom companies do not get their products tested properly. The presence of salmonella and other metals is very risky for the kratom users, so FDA does not trust many tests done by third parties and doubts the presence of salmonella because many tests were salmonella positive. That’s why Remarkable Herbs say that it is important to sterilize the products to get you the best of all.

Wholesale and website

Remarkable Herbs only deals in wholesale, only bulk sale, no individual sales. They only sell products to stores and distributors. Their online services are only for stores and bulk purchasers that’s why no add to cart, no customer care contact, no money back guarantee and no shipping. All you have to do is fill their form there after that the representatives will contact you.


  • Best quality Kratom
  • Fresh and resealable
  • Sterilized
  • Batch blended
  • High potency alkaloids
  • No additives or enhancers
  • Attractive packaging
  • Labelled correctly
  • Affordable prices
  • Packaged under GMP compliance


  • Limited range of Kratom strains
  • Only available in powder form
  • No individual sales
  • No customer care contact
  • No money back guarantee
  • No shipping information
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